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Our work is based on a few essential values that we have synthesised in a manifesto for the new art: “Trust”, “Passion”, “Experience”, “Responsibility”, are some of the key words that inspire Liquid Art System as business and cultural centre. However, we are sure that before all things there is the magnificence of beauty, the awe and emotion caused by the work of art.
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Well-known internationally, the artists represented by the Liquid art system span the various genres of contemporary art: painting, sculpture, photography, video, and mixed media. Each has his own style, but together they share the search for beauty, color, and visibility.
Liquid Art System have always been committed to nurturing their own artists and to supporting them with exhibitions in their own galleries and especially in the largest exhibitions in museums and public venues in Italy and abroad, aware that the exhibition and its catalogue are the highest point in an artist’s career, when his/her work is judged from a cultural standpoint.
Liquid Art System have been participating in the most important art fairs all over the world for many years. Milan, London, Istanbul, New York and especially Miami, where our most renowned artists are on display every year.
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Seo Young-Deok

Born in 1983 in South Korea, Seo Young Deok lives and works in Seoul.
Seo Young-Deok
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Between fullness and emptiness are resolved the bodies modeled by Seo, which, in the empty space, hark back to Eastern philosophies and, in the full, to ancient Western culture. The intensity and plasticity of the poses is, in fact, that of classical Greek sculpture. While the ability to nullify the inside, that is, to represent only pure breath, is reminiscent of Zen and other Eastern disciplines that impose the extinction of all passion and awareness in order to avoid suffering, since movement is pain and only the absence of movement is peace. Seo's bodies, built from iron chains, indeed imprisoned by iron chains, thus become, on the one hand, symbols of the beauty of the form that endures and, on the other, represent the emptying of humanity grappling with an increasingly inhuman contemporary world. In the endurance of form and the strength of the inner spirit, however, lies the miraculous possibility of still existing, a possibility that Seo's splendid sculptures seem to point out to the viewer.