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Capri The Island of Art – 1st edition

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01 September 2015 - 31 December 2015
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First edition. From September to December 2015 – Capri (Italy)

On September 4th the island of Capri will welcome the first edition of the project: Capri The Island of Art, an open air art festival- supported by Franco Senesi, cultural producer of Capri – which involves over 20 national and international contemporary artists, invited to interact with the venues and stories of the island. Performances, audio and video installations, large sculptures, night projections, exhibitions in public and private locations, will be part of a full schedule which will last over four months and will also include the town of Naples, as an ideal bridge between sea, earth and the underground, by involving the Art Stations of Naples subway and the most important contemporary art museums. 21 site specific artworks, selected by curators Marco Izzolino and Lucia Zappacosta, including world renowned artists such as Santiago Sierra, Lawrence Weiner, Andrea Aquilanti, Mario Airò and Bianco-Valente.


Among the works created for this project: on the one side of the Piazzetta bell tower, a symbolic place of Capri social life, there will be “STONES SKIPPED ACROSS THE BAY OF NAPLES” by the visual artist Lawrence Weiner, who will establish a communication between the language and ancient architecture; the rocky outline of Monte Cappello at Anacapri (a side of Monte Solaro) will become a natural canvas to display the laser projection designed by Mario Airò, an artist specialized in transforming places by using lights and light beams. For 15 nights, Airò’s work will be visible from the Piazzetta, from Marina Grande and also from the sea.


There will also be an exhibition within the project Canone Inverso (Inverse Canon), at the Canonica of the 14th century Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo, Capri, which will be opened to the public after it was partially restored for the project. The most ancient monastery in Capri becomes a venue and core of the event, hosting four large-scale installations displayed inside the Canonica by artists Alessandro Cannistrà, Peter Demetz, Rocco Dubbini, Gino Sabatini Odoardi. The exhibition counterposes contemporary artworks and materials with traditional art composition techniques to explore the balance between emotions and reason in the visual arts, as well as in music.


The other selected artists – Michelangelo Bastiani, Elena Bellantoni, Blue & Joy, Laura Cionci, Michelangelo Consani, Andrea Di Cesare, Alice Grassi, Konstantin Khudyakov, Gianluca Panareo, Antonio Sannino, Leonardo Zaccone, Zino – through their own methods of expression, follow the two themes of the visual story of the first edition of the festival: light and verbal language, as elements of iconic representation, with interesting solutions of reciprocity.


Artistic Direction: ”’Marco Izzolino”’

Curators: ”’Marco Izzolino”’ and ”’Lucia Zappacosta”’

Project Manager: ”’Roberto Faravelli”’

Production: ”’Liquid art system”’ by ”’Franco Senesi”’