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Capri The Island of Art – 2nd edition

general info
11 September 2016
about exhibition

Capri The Island of Art – 2nd edition (2016)

On 11 September 2016, in the island of Capri, the second edition of the project Capri the Island of Art will open: an open air event created by Franco Senesi, president of the namesake cultural association which organizes this event in partnership with Città di Capri. Also this year, Capri the Island of Art involves artists belonging to the contemporary art scene, who are invited to interact with the most symbolic venues of the island.

Guest curator of this year’s festival is Sergio Risaliti, who presents the exhibit called “Capri Orient Express”, with the artists Marco Bagnoli, Domenico Bianchi and Remo Salvadori, at the church of the Charterhouse of Saint James, in cooperation with the Regional Museum Centre in Campania, and at Villa Lysis.

Artistic director of Capri the Island of Art is Marco Izzolino, who is also curator of several installations on the territory by five younger artists from the contemporary Italian scene. Just like in the previous editions, their works focus on issues related to the culture of the island. The artists invited to create the installations on the territory are: Alessia Armeni, with her project “Am-mira i bianchi di Capri” (“Admire the whites of Capri”), designed to interact with the visitors of the island; David Casini, with two projects: the daily one called “Seicentodiecimilametri” (“Sixhundredtenthousandmeters”), at Villa Lysis, and a nocturnal one called “Come quando accadrà” (“Like when it is going to happen”), expressly created for the Punta Tragara overlook; Francesco Carone, with a sculpted installation called “Scultura Sirena (scandaglio)” (“Mermaid sculpture (sounder)”), which will be displayed for the first time in the courtyard of Capri’s City Hall; Daniela Di Maro, who – with her work “Cuprum II – in honorem Jovis”, tries to relate with the interaction between the Nature and the Artifice that the architecture of Villa Lysis surprisingly establishes with the surrounding environment; Giuseppe Teofilo, with his evocative sculpture called “Swordfish in the stone” on the terrace of the Piazzetta.

An original itinerary along 4 venues of the island (the Piazzetta, the Charterhouse, Punta Tragara and Villa Lysis) that, also this year, will catch the attention of and will enchant the tourists who will appreciate even more the rich history of Capri that – for about 2000 years – has been welcoming worldwide known intellectuals and artists, who advertised the island with their works all over the world. So, contemporary art becomes once again an opportunity to meet and exchange and to involve the audience, also those who are not experts in the field, to raise a reflection about our past and our original roots, ready to better ourselves. Capri becomes a window on the world, as a great patron of arts and culture. The artistic and cultural offer and, subsequently, the pathway are brand new and different every year and they are always captivating.

Throughout this period and until December, maps of the island will be available to the audience showing the venues, responsive website for Smartphone and Tablet, to find data sheets and critical reviews about the works and the artists.

The event in Capri is twinned with the Art Stations of Metropolitana di Napoli (Naples Underground Trains) managed by ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità). This partnership resulted into the Mproject, a map of the public venues of contemporary art in the Bay of Naples, that optimizes the information channels of ANM and Capri for a joint communication strategy. The idea behind this is to extend the “unconventional” museum model of the Art Stations, by proposing the bay of Naples as a model of development for the contemporary artistic and cultural research to the tourists visiting the town.

Artistic Direction: ”’Marco Izzolino”’

Guest curator of Capri Orient Express: ”’Sergio Risaliti”’

Production: ”’Liquid art system”’ by ”’Franco Senesi”’