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Il gioco del mare

general info
26 June 2018

Via Vittorio Emanuele 56, Capri (NA)

about exhibition

Willy Verginer at Liquid art system Capri – 26th June 2018 

Liquid art system is glad to announce “Il gioco del mare”, the new exhibition by Willy Verginer.

The opening ,on Tuesday June 26 at 6:30 pm, will be in the presence of the artist at Liquid art system Capri.

Composed by three  wooden sculptures, the exhibition re-elaborates some spaces of the gallery in Via Vittorio Emanuele 56.

The blue reciprocity between the walls and the sculptures converts the space into an hypotetical children worlds, surrounded by the sea.

Characters by Verginer  are young, but they seem already projected to an uncertain next future .

His sculptures, suspended between  concrete form and immateriality of thoughts, consolidate their presence, even if silent and force the viewer to relate to them and dive into their world.

By the simple but precise use of colors and details, the artist communicates to the viewer – and ask him to get into –  the different world in which his sculptures live. “Il gioco del mare” take us back to the past, to the childhood, simple games and purity of our thoughts.

By “Il gioco del mare”, the art of Willy Verginer-in a brilliant way- pits itself to contemporary age games, to a lost tender age where naivety and purity disappear.

Willy Verginer

Willy Verginer is an absolute master of wood sculpture, capable of making contemporary a genre tied to the tradition of South Tyrolean craftsmanship. What is astonishing is not only the perfect technique, but the surrealist poetics with which he carves his figures, which, enchantingly, become the characters of a fairy-tale world: just a few hints, a line of color, an alienating detail, are enough to bring the viewer into a fairy tale.

Verginer Willy