The Liquid art system Store gives you the chance to acquire unique artworks quickly and easily. Take a look at the selection that Liquid art system made for you and discover what's available from our incredible collection: artists and artworks of pure beauty, chosen by our consultants. Our artists' rareties and new production are ready to be part of your world right away.
Our work is based on a few essential values that we have synthesised in a manifesto for the new art: “Trust”, “Passion”, “Experience”, “Responsibility”, are some of the key words that inspire Liquid Art System as business and cultural centre. However, we are sure that before all things there is the magnificence of beauty, the awe and emotion caused by the work of art.
Spaceman, Filippo_Tincolini
Well-known internationally, the artists represented by the Liquid art system span the various genres of contemporary art: painting, sculpture, photography, video, and mixed media. Each has his own style, but together they share the search for beauty, color, and visibility.
Liquid Art System have always been committed to nurturing their own artists and to supporting them with exhibitions in their own galleries and especially in the largest exhibitions in museums and public venues in Italy and abroad, aware that the exhibition and its catalogue are the highest point in an artist’s career, when his/her work is judged from a cultural standpoint.
Liquid Art System have been participating in the most important art fairs all over the world for many years. Milan, London, Istanbul, New York and especially Miami, where our most renowned artists are on display every year.
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The Liquid Art System team is made of experienced art consultants and skilled art dealers who can fulfil all the requests of collectors who want to turn their passions into an investment.
Franco Senesi
CEO and Founder
our team
Over the years, I have been building a team that combines the knowledge of experienced art consultants and the dynamism of young art dealers. This team – whom I am proud of – works hard every day with passion in promoting Italian art. An all-round work that implies knowledge and professionalism to face the challenges of an ever-developing market. This is not a routine job, it requires versatility, intelligence, communication skills with our collectors coming from all over the world. Our team members not only work in our galleries, but they design and participate in the most important fairs of contemporary art worldwide, and they cooperate with museums and cultural institutions to plan the exhibitions of our artists.
positano 16
Giovanna Caputo
Gallery Manager
Christian Farace
Gallery Manager
positano 26
Giuseppe Cappotto
Gallery Manager
Itir Lir Tan Senesi
Gallery Manager
Gisella De Lucia
Business developer and HR
Valentina Antinucci
Art consultant
Positano 16
Rachele Adanti
Art consultant
Francesca Vittozzi
Art consultant
positano 26
Antonella Esposito
Art Consultant
Aldo Mansi
Art consultant
Camilla Vannini
Art consultant partner
Matteo Fonso
Barbara Genio
Marialaura Mariniello
Accounting dept
Marina Piccola Cerrotta
Creative dept
Alin Cojan
Logistic dept
Fiore Savo
Logistic dept
Marco D’Agostino
Chalet azzurro capri
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Do you want to play a leading role in the world of contemporary art? Join our team of art consultants and art dealers. We offer personal and professional growth, in one of the fields that made Italy great in the world: art. We look for young people who are willing to challenge themselves, young people aiming for knowledge and beauty, and who are citizens of the world.

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